This is Taylor, your local grandma flavored witch! Many online know me as Roo or Bees. I do freelance work for those interested in my art!
Enjoy your stay!


For my illustrations I primarily use Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop sometimes.


>Read my TOS<

Email me your commissions at [email protected]
or DM my Twitter or Discord. The base prices are listed below and a commission sheet image listing possible additional prices.

TypeSketchFlat ColorCell Shade
Full Body$40$70$90

⭐️ These are the base line prices. Any character with extreme details or mecha parts will be subjected to an extra fee.⭐️ Any alternative versions of the commissions will have an extra fee dependant on the complexity and how early in the image being worked on the artist knows about it. It is much easier to plan edits/alts in the sketch phase.⭐️ NSFW fee is dependent on angle, complexity, and pose. We can discuss details when talking about the commission.⭐️ Emoji/Expression sets of the same character(s) half body drawings are 50% off the original price past the 3rd drawing. If you have any questions about this we can discuss while ordering!

More examples can be found here!


Ordering Guidelines

Your order should include:⭐️ Paypal to send an invoice
(unless you're paying through ko-fi)
⭐️ Image Type
(Sketch, Shade, etc.) If you want to discuss other options I'd be willing to work with you on what you're looking for.
⭐️ Character Reference
(I can work with a description, but there will be a fee for assisting in character designing depending on the detail.)
⭐️ Image Details
(Posing, items, actions, expression, etc.) Image references go a long way here. If you lack image details we can talk through what you're looking for in your commission
⭐️ Optional Username
(To post the image with your Twitter @ or online username. If left without one I will post "Commission for Anonymous")
After I've received your order, I will reply with a final price. If you accept the order price I will then send you an invoice through PayPal or a Ko-Fi price. I will start working on your commission only after I've received payment. (Unless we have established a payment plan for a more expensive illustrations)Then I will send you a 'work in progress' sketch in which you are allowed to ask for 2 free major changes throughout this process. Minor changes will be free. (Please note that any changes requested after the sketch phase will be subject to additional fees.)My Wills and Won'ts

Will DrawWon't DrawMaybe Draw
Humans/FurriesHate ArtMecha Art
Official CharactersExcessive GoreCertain Fetishes
Ref SheetsUnder-aged NSFWDM if you're unsure
Custom EmojisRacist/Anti-LQBT 
NSFW Content  
Comic Pages  

Extra Info⭐️ Paypal Preferred but not required! If for any reason you can't or don't want to use Paypal my ko-fi is an substantial alternative! Just let me know when discussing payment! Prices are displayed in USD.⭐️ If your commission exceeds $200 we can work out a payment plan. I will work on your image progress as I am paid over time.⭐️ I will send you WIPs through every stage of your drawing and continue only after a satisfied confirmation. (Sketch -> Lineart/Color -> Shade) Keep in mind if you want any changes made later stage edits will be charged more.⭐️ I reserve my right to turn down any commission for any reason.⭐️ Your commission may be showcased on my social media and portfolios.


You may request to cancel the commission at any time. You will be refunded based on how much of the commission has been completed at time of cancellation.For example, if you ordered a Full Body Cell Shade and I have already finished the line art stage, then the $60 reflecting this stage will be withheld, and the remaining $20 will be refunded along with the commission as-is.

Rights and

The artwork created is copyright to the artist, Spellaroo. Characters involved in the artwork belonging to the respective owner of the artwork retain their rights to their character(s). Artwork made for the commissioners or recipients of the artwork may be posted, edited, or used by the commissioners or recipients FOR NON PROFIT as long as they do not remove my signature and give proper credit to the artist.If the commissioner would like to redistribute the work they paid Spellaroo to make then a redistributing fee must be paid in a Paypal invoice sent to the commissioner after an agreement has been met with both parties. The artist (Spellaroo) has a right to deny to request the redistribution of her artwork/commissions.Redistribution without consent will result in the product in question to be taken down. Any NFT usage of the artist Spellaroo's work is strictly prohibited and any attempt will result in a ban from any future commissions.The artist, Spellaroo, may use the commissioned artwork for art galleries and examples.

Persistent harrasment and refusal to abide to my Terms of Service can potentially result in the client being blacklisted from receiving art from me in the future. If you have any questions or concerns about my work or anything related email me at [email protected]

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